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Hi! My name is Omri Levy, I'm 25 years old from Tel-Aviv. I began programming in May of 2019, ever since I`ve been programming from the moment I wake up and until I go to bed.

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A PERN stack To-Do app, the project implements CRUD operations, sorting, filtering, searching, pagination, authentication, authorization, and validation. The project was deployed using Docker, making use of Nginx.


An e-commerce Next.JS (SSR) back-end first project made to learn the subject of Kubernetes and the microservices architecture. As part of the project I learned about the challenges of managing data and concurrency issues when using microservices and principles such event driven communication and async vs sync communication.

Test credit card:

Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242

CVC: 424

MM/YY: 01/27


A link shortener written in Typescript, made with NestJS (Node.js/Express). The
project's main goal was to learn NestJS, and to create a backend that is as feature complete as possible, adding things that are expected of a production app.


A real-time chat app with the ability to create and join rooms, with a profanity filter, anti-spam, and the ability to write Markdown. (i.e bold text, emojis, and links). The project's goal was to learn websockets, redis pub/sub, and HAProxy.


A tool for developers for writing code and documentation in the browser - the project can be opened and configused using a CLI without installation using npx. The project's challenges were installing packages in the background the moment the user wrote an import statement and update the result in real time without letting malicious code or with errors crash the application and display an error message instead. Backing up data on a local file and IndexDB and, the ability to run old code, new code and JSX as one.

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